This page will be filled by people with their standout look and awesome thoughts. They will share their experience or simply their opinion about hijab. Who are they? They are friends from neighbors, sisters who are going to wear hijab, designers who love giving beautiful clothes, or perhaps you.

Wearing hijab is not easy to practice but also hard to maintain (especially the mentality). There will be up side down moments whether you feel so grateful wearing one or you just can’t stop mumbling on how hot and annoying wearing one of those.

We want everyone who read this section feel that you are not alone having those random feelings about hijab.

Enjoy the share. bon app├ętit

Mrs. Hanna Faridl 

May 2010
Monday, 10 - Interview with Mrs. Fifi Alvianto
Monday, 10 - Interview with Mrs. Hanna Faridl
Wednesday, 12  - Interview with Ms. Fanie Maulida
Thursday, 27 - Interview with Mrs. Nanida Jenahara

June 2010
Thursday, 24 - Interview with Mrs. Kavita Anggraeni

July 2010
Friday, 16 - Interview with Mrs. Anneke Scorpy Situmorang
Monday, 19 - Modest To Impress (also an interview with Mrs. Monika Jufry)

August 2010
Wednesday, 4 -  Interview with Ms. Ria Miranda
Wednesday, 4 -  Interview with Ms. Dian Pelangi
Wednesday, 11 - Exclusive Interview with Mrs. Hana Tajima (StyleCovered)

October 2010
Friday, 22 - Interview with Ms. Inna Rovita

December 2010
Friday, 3 - Interview with Mrs. Lulu Luthfiyah
Friday, 3 - Interview with Ms. Nauli Alamsyah

March 2011
Wednesday,  16 - Interview with Mrs. Lamia A.