"What should I wear?" "Will it look ugly, if I wear hijab?" Or "Will it be difficult wearing hijab?"

Series of questions above is my first experience when I'm planning to wear hijab. Between the confusion, ran out of clothes and what kind of hijab style I would like to wear. That's why we made a feature "Beginner's Note". Whatever you need to know before you start wearing hijab and what type of scarf that you could use in the future.

In the end the importance of wearing hijab, it's not only a symbol of modesty, it's about being able to put yourself in a positive state of mind and pick the right decision. Modesty comes from within and even a woman wearing hijab can have a lack of it.


Mrs. Fifi Alvianto 

May 2010
Monday, 10 - Scarves 101
Friday, 21 - Hijab and Hair Loss 

June 2010
Friday, 4 - Batwing Sleeves Cardigans
Wednesday, 16 - Headache and Hijab 

September 2010
Tuesday, 7 - Tutorial : Anneke's Hijab Style 

October 2010
Monday, 11 - Tutorial : Nurul's Hijab Style
Friday, 15 - Tutorial : Inna's Hijab Style 

December 2010
Tuesday, 21 - Tutorial : Hanna's Hijab Style