Welcome 2012

Home is where the heart is, just like this proverb said, we feel home to this website. We put all of our heart from the first time we decided to create this blog. HijabScarf blog is our home, the place where we can share our passion and express our thoughts to all readers.

At early 2012, we determine to go back home and update this blog more often. As we are welcoming 2012, we would like to create more beneficial posts, more pictures, and meet more inspiring muslimah.

We also would like to welcome our new HijabScarf member, baby Lola, Fifi’s first daughter. Lola is 4 months old. She is pretty and love to be around people. Next gathering we’ll make sure to introduce her to you. Hanna is also enjoying her pregnancy with her big belly. Expecting her baby by early of January 2012. Wishing her and the baby have a safe and smooth delivery. Ameen.

Let's welcome 2012 with positive spirit and energy to bring more love through this website. For a starter, please enjoy our maternity and newly mom moment after a long pause of not having a picture together.

Photographer & Digial Imaging : Mrs. Fifi Alvianto & Husband
Wardrobe : Casa Elana

Not allowed to copy & paste photos.
Copyright of HijabScarf Blog & CasaElana.


Jenny said...

Hi, aku mo tanya donk . kalau mo belajar model2 jilbab stylish gimana caranya ?

samantha said...

mashallah your baby is beautiful alhamdulillah
love the pink hijab with the head band around it, teach me! :D

Hey. i´m Eminchen. said...

wonderful blog :)

salam from germany

this my blog hope you visit ^^

Pocket Cinta said...

alhamdulillah..comel kalian semua. congrats to Hanna, mummy to be. for Fifi know you will be a good mother ;)

Norhajjar said...

Wow, I just love the way you take pictures. Its amazing :)
I wish I could be able to learn how to take photos like yours for my blog at hijabcraze.blogspot.com

TWOFAACES♥♠ said...

You both are really very beautiful, maasallah :)

Peace, twofaaces

Hope from Paris said...

Salam aleykoum,

MachaAllah, your website is absolutly fabulous !
I love it ! I'll inspire by your fashion style to dress myself...

Congratulation for your baby, your both so cute !! MachaAllah :)

Amel M.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, so adorable .... Love it :)

outbound malang said...

kunjungan sob ..
salam sukses selalu:)

wholesale pashmina said...

its trendy nowadays to hav a trendy ladies

Jangan Lihat said...

bisa di lihat buat tutorial hijabnya di youtube :)

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