Fashion Affair

We already picked our favourite items for FashionAffair, along with 6 other fashion bloggers like
"Diana Rikasari, Dewi Utari, Sonia Eryka, June Paski, Heidy Kalalo and Cindy Biantoro".
Curious enough to see the whole stuffs? Visit Plaza Indonesia Level 4.
The exhibition starts from today 27th April until 29th April, and also . . .

Please join us on
Friday - 29th April 2011 - 07.00 PM.
at Plaza Indonesia atrium Level 4

We are inviting all of you readers to come, it is open for public and free entry :)
So ask your friends to come along and don't forget to say hello to us there.
Besides meeting all the bloggers, don't miss this one :

Coaching Clinic, "How Can A Blog Change Your Style"
with Fira Basuki & Dewi Utari
Special Appeareance : Adhitia Sofyan & Syndicate
MC : J FLow & Ary Kirana
Fashion Show : Spring/Summer Collection 2011
Wardrobe : Thrunk & Only I

Once again this is open for anyone, come and be a part of the event.
You can follow @urbaniconstore for more updates. We'll see ya there.

Travelling Notes Teaser

Mrs. Hanna Faridl & Mrs. Fifi Alvianto

After a few months, finally we did another trip together for Hijab Scarf.
Here's the teaser, and we'll post it soon :)

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Almost A Year

Our old website design (April 2010 - April 2011)

Mrs. Fifi Alvianto
Its been a wonderful journey for both of us, we started to have this blog last year, it was on April 2010 when we decided to make something that others might find useful especially for those who wear hijab. Blogging is something that I really like since 2007, I found my passion there, including photography, and this blog has helped me a lot in finding what I really like to do in life. After 1 month progress, Hijab Scarf was published in May, 10th - 2010, so around that April we did a loooottt of brainstorming. Somehow I can't believe it that we made it this far, having readers who support us and being interviewed by media, really made me cry. Hugs and kisses from me to all the readers out there, without you we are nothing.

Mrs. Hanna Faridl
I never thought I would sacrifice my dream job for blogging. I went to school in order to pursue my job working in tv station for tv programming. After a year working in tv programming I decided to quit and pursue my passion in Hijab Scarf.
I wasn't familiar with blogging until Fifi introduce me with this concept. From Hijab Scarf, I realize how small the world is. We can have the same feelings, difficulties and enthusiasm with our friend from another part of the world without even knowing them in person. The same feeling of starting the new life with the hijab, the difficulties of adjusting the new look and the enthusiasm of knowing forward about hijab.
On the contrary, Hijab Scarf also showed me that I know little about hijab. There are so many different perspectives and styles regarding hijab. This diversity makes me want to know more about hijab and the muslimah who wear hijab.
I learn so many things from this website that i wouldn't get from school. It's been a wonderful year and I am looking forward to know more and more about hijab and the way everyone express their hijab.

Today, we published a new look and layout for Hijab Scarf, hopefully you'll like it. Be prepared for our anniversary and quiz on May. Stay tune here and in the meantime please fill in our form [HERE].

Thank you

PS :
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Media Exposure : Casa Elana (Republika)

The universe has been so kind. One thing that make our life even better than before is having our own clothing line, Casa Elana. The making of Casa Elana contains a bowl of laugh, a touch of luck and a simple chemistry among the three of us.

Casa Elana is an extension of something that we like to do. We like to have a tailor made dresses ever since we’re in school. We enjoy wearing our own design even though none of us actually know how to make a dress pattern. Nothing could be happier than working on something that you really enjoy, right?

We started using the name Casa Elana last March and this April we got a huge opportunity. We got a chance to show our collections to Republika, a National daily newspaper in Indonesia. It is such a great and honored opportunity for us, Alhamdulillah.

The photosession went well. I guess.. except for the silly poses we made. Hahaha.. Trust us, we tried to find someone more appropriate, more like a model, to get this photosession. Unfortunately we finally got to be the model for our own clothing line. Quite an experience.

To our friends in Indonesia. Try to get today’s Republika or read from the image (click it for larger view), April 3rd 2011. Well hope that you like our collections as well as our poses *wink.

Photographer : Mr. Amin Madani (Republika)
Digital Imaging : Mrs. Fifi Alvianto

Casa Elana's Website

The website is online now, check out

Welcome to our CASA ELANA, means tree house.
We promise to provide you beauty and shade. How can we not like being around trees? Because we believe trees will make our life more pleasant. Hope that our presence can bring the ultimate energy through every collections we have.

Who are we?
We are Anneke Scorpy, Fifi Alvianto, and Hanna Faridl.

CASA ELANA is our idea of a relaxed look, it is indeed a pleasure to provide you the warmth of trees and we aim our brand for everyone who desire to look comfortable, nice and simply modest.

We are not an online store although there is still possibility to have one sometime in the future. We sell our products through bazaar around us, or hopefully soon having our own store and coverage to anywhere around your neighborhood.

CASA ELANA was founded in the eleventh month of 2010. But we published the brand using Casa Elana on March 2011. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter for more updates plus some surprises, @CasaElana.

Enjoy the website and feel free to say hello :)