Style Spotted : Mrs. Hanna, Ms. Rani & Ms. Canti

These are some pictures that I (Mrs. Hanna Faridl) took from my end of the year holiday with my family. Some of them also was taken by my sister when she visited Turki. The cute thing is my sisters also tried to wear hijab during their visit to the market. A long turkish cape was certainly one of recomended items during winter. It makes your body warm and also nicely covered our body shape.

The rest are pictures of me posing as a tourist. I wore my cape coat and long sleeve shirt or sweater to keep my body warm. Boots or thigh high socks are my favorite to make my feet warm. To keep my ear and head nice and warm, most of the time I wore 'beanie'.

My sister and I also captured some muslimah with their beautiful hijab. Surprisingly, I met many stylish muslimah with hijab in Europe compared to United State. I found this quite shocking since I heard that in some countries in Europe example; France, we are not allowed to show our religious view. However, from this trip I had changed my point of view.

Unfortunately not all the hijabi sisters I met there allowed me to take their pictures. I got some rejection hence I canot share every beautiful sister I met there. Moreover sometime I also dont have the guts to ask. Well hopefully there will be next time for me to share more beautiful sisters with their hijab from around the world. Amen.

Trademark Event

(Click image for larger view)

We haven't got a chance to tell our plan about having our own clothing line.
Before we officially launch the brand we will join TRADEMARK, an emporium of unique product.
Last Blogger Yard Sale part IV at FX Mazee, we sold almost 200 items in just 2 days (we were so surprised that readers like our stuffs), so go grab our new label here at Trademark.

With our partner Cenik Renik we will build our dream from our mini booth number A-22.
Do come to our booth on this event Trademark. When you get there go straight to right corner area.

Meeting date:
10 - 13 February 2011 from 10 am to 10 pm.
(Feb 10 will be open with invitation only).

What to Expect:
Casual loose hijab friendly clothes with affordable prices,
"The Famous Flower Bandana", batwing t-shirt, cardigan, cape, shawl and scarf, etc.

What to Bring:

What to wear:
Your most comfortable outfits with your best smile.

Where to go:
Booth A-22, Trademark, Paris Van Java Bandung

We will be waiting for your visit.
PS : We don't have any online shop. Our stuffs will only be sold at the bazaar.

Photographer : Mrs. Hanna Faridl
Digital Imaging : Mrs. Fifi Alvianto

Not allowed to copy & paste photos.
Copyright of HijabScarf Blog.

Inna Rovi's Video Clip

Mrs. Hanna Faridl and friends from Hijabers Community got a chance to be shot on Inna Rovi's newest video clip. A few months ago, Hijab Scarf made a post about Inna Rovi's style and had a short interview with her. Now she is having a second single, called "Pelangi Hati". Enjoy :)

PS : At that time Mrs. Fifi Alvianto was off abroad and couldn't come to the taping session, too bad because meeting all the hijabers and made a great video was something she shouldn't miss. Psstt, can you spot Ms. Ria Miranda, Mrs. Anneke, Mrs. Jenahara and some of them from Hijab Scarf's style spotted?