Carita Trip Part III

Mrs. Fifi Alvianto & Mrs. Hanna Faridl
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"Are we going to dive or at least snorkeling today?", (fyi, I brought my snorkeling equipment ready).

"Snorkeling? Where?".

"Well around the beaches.. I hope we can at least snorkeling, but since you're pregnant we will stay on the surface and we'll take some pictures of corals and fishes like the one when we went to Lombok? Remember?".

"Where? Here?".

"Yes.." *excited*.

"Its Carita.. Don't expect you will see any coral or some cute fishes around the surface" :))


Well its not that we were not enjoying the trip. We're thankful for this trip and for the enjoyment we got; the fresh coconut, tasty foods, the sunset, the villa and the sand. We may not see any fishes crossing over our sight but we tried to write down Hijab Scarf on the sand before it got washed down by the wave. It was quite fun. Haha..

So what we're going to tell you about was how much we like holiday. After all the playing cat and mouse with the wave, we need to close the holiday with something refreshing like washing our face with Wardah Beauty Cleanser. Nice and calming.

Say good bye to the beach and hello again Jakarta.

Makeup : Wardah
Outfit : Casa Elana, Kami Idea

Photographer : The Husbands
Digital Imaging : Mrs. Fifi Alvianto
Copywriter : Mrs. Hanna Faridl

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ichabeldarmawan said...

TIE DYE! Love the items! <33

eniwei, perutny mb Fifi udah mulai buncit yaa.. tp tetep cantik, mbak Hanna jg.. :)

xo, Icha.

Kim Chariz said...

You are so pretty and gorgeous women. You look great on your hijab scarves..

--scarf rings lover

Lady D and Carnation said...

Hi Fifi & Hanna. Do you know about this?

maria shofa said...

mba.. mau dunk beli dressnya... caranya gimana? thanks :-)

pu3mas said...

i like 1000K kali......

Anonymous said...

inner hijab nya kami idea jg kah?naksir...hehehe..

atika putri

Shanty said...

Nice it alot

Arsavin666 said...

I really like to look fashionable-looking woman wearing a headscarf

siska said...

cr psen'a gimana ya??

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