Carita Trip Part II

Mrs. Fifi Alvianto & Mrs. Hanna Faridl
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Day two..
We hot up quite late so we miss the sunrise. By the time we were ready to hit the beach, the weather prevents us to go out even near the beach. It was scorching hot. So we just laid down and surrendered to the temptation of playing on and around the pool with our dress on. Yes, giving out out best childhood memories by playing on the pool. And somehow your body scream out asking to get a bot more of attention. The body screamed to have a break.

How to give yourself the break to your body needs?
The best thing we can do to our body is to let it rest. We should appreciate our body more, since we often neglect it even when it gives you signal that its slowing down. How about some relaxing massage with a great olive oil and body scrubbing?

We gave our body a simple massage with one of a great massage oil from Wardah. Wardah olive oil smells really nice and very calming. The oil absorbed very well. many olive oil are greasy with sticky texture but not this one.

This olive oil also come out really good for makeup remover and a skin cleanser. This is a solution when you miss bringing the eye remover, lips remover, cleanser or all the cleanser you have. Surprisingly this moisturize your face enough without making it too oily.

After that, we couldn't resist ourself to bring more joy to the skin by exfoliating our skin. Wardah body scrub genty exfoliates the skin and removes our dead skin cell and leaves our skin nice, gentle, soft and smooth. It contains exfoliating crushed to revealed a brighter and smoother skin. try to massage in a circular motions. From what we heard, regular exfoliating and massaging can help your skin toned and firmed.

Enjoy life more, have a better mood and more focused by simply a massage away.

Makeup : Wardah
Outfit : Casa Elana, Kami Idea, Kavi Indonesia
Shoes : Wondershoe

Photographer : The Husbands
Digital Imaging : Mrs. Fifi Alvianto
Copywriter : Mrs. Hanna Faridl

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