Blogger Yard Sale Part VII

Yes we're back, and go grab Casa Elana March/May collection with special price, plus you can buy our new June/July collection for the very first time. Curious enough? We will not publish the photos in the near future, so come and see for yourself.

Also FX Mazee will be having 'Late Night Shopping' up to 70% discount on Saturday for brand like Aarti, Antyk Butyk, Archa Clothing,, Kandura, Lilou, Milksoup, Ms.Jones, Missmegalo, Nutz, SE…, Seven December, ToiMoi, Whymenswear, Working Hours, and many more….

See ya there on this Friday & Saturday, ciao.


Restu Hapsari said...

pengen liat koleksi yg Acacia, Walnut, Balsa tu yg kaya gimana?? ada fotonya gak kak??

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