Style Spotted : The Winners (Ms. Restu & Ms. Wulan)

Ms. Restu Anggraini

Ms. Wulandari Sofwan

Remember this? Yes they're the winner from our 6 months quiz.
So congratulations winners and enjoy our snapshots, we hope you'll like it.
And to all readers don't worry, there will be another quiz.
*Psstt, hello pretty preggies would you like to share your style?

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Photographer : Mrs. Fifi Alvianto and Mrs. Hanna Faridl.

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Bloggers Yard Sale Part III

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Photo and video by : Mrs. Fifi Alvianto

On 17th of November, Mrs. Fifi Alvianto, Mrs. Hanna Faridl and Mrs. Anneke Scorpy were invited to the Bloggers Yard Sale Part III by Ms. Diana Rikasari. We were so excited because soon, early next year we will launch our new clothing label. Last yard sale was quite a test drive for us, we were glad the result was satisfying. So be prepared . . .

PS : Sorry we can't post the name and our stuff yet but if you're there last Friday
then you had already seen some of our collections.

Style Spotted : Mrs. Lulu & Ms. Nauli

Photographer : Mrs. Fifi Alvianto, Mrs. Hanna Faridl and Mr. Obeng

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Interview with Ms. Nauli Alamsyah

Ms. Nauli Alamsyah

1. Tell us about yourself and your activity.
Me, just like another ordinary girls, nothing so special about, 25 years old, cathing my dreams up, bussy with lovelife and carrier, making lots of money, hehe.. and other normal things I do.

My weekdays activity is working as a secretary at an oil and gas service company, located in Kuningan and I teach a student for mandarin languange subject as a private tutor on Monday. That's my major in University. Honestly it is not my dream job, I've always in love with make up, shoes, bags, clothing, photography, and anything related to fashion. Let me share my little secret here, actually I'm dying to be a fashion stylist, haha.. I do have my passion on it. However, since I have no background in fashion industry either experience, it's just a bit hard to me to get job in this field. Eventhough it's still on my day dreaming, I hope I can make it true someday. wish me luck.

2. Tell us the process you wear hijab?
To be honest, up until now I don't really know what to say when people ask me this. I started wear hijab since year 2005, and it's just like a spontaneous feeling to have it wear on my head. Everyone has their own life past journey. I experienced many bad things in mine, but it brings me closer to Allah. He always do what he wants to do. Nothing is impossible to Him. I beg Allah to take me out from the darkness and guide me back to the right way of his. Now here I am, I know that after I wore hijab, it doesn't mean that I won't make any mistake in rest of my life. But I've tried my best to at least minimize it.

3. Have you ever experience unpleasant stories regarding hijab?
Yess I had. I don't see my self as a perfect role of wearing hijab though, I just wear it my way. I'm still wearing the fit shirt, tight jeans, and sometimes my hijab haven't fully covered my head yet and there are so many things that people see not really proper in my way of wearing hijab.

One day, another friend of mine asked me why I'm not wearing hijab as a syaria rules. I answered that Allah knows every goodwill. He knows the most they who changed intensely of being a better person. I don't need human judgment about the way I'm wearing hijab. As far as I'm concerned, there will be a never ending learning process for me to be better than I am now.

Trying my best to keep my self in the right way, nevertheless it's a hardest part of being a moslem. Only Allah knows well what my final evaluation will be, whatever it is I hope I could end it in a good way.

4. Describe your style.
I am kind of simple person, I don't like to put any heavy things in my style. I love to wear comfort shirt with cotton material, skinny jeans, jumpsuit mixed with cardigans, leather jackets and other comfort things that fit in me. I also like such an vintage stuff and renewed it. For instance, when I found my mom's old trousers collection in her wardrobe, soon I grab it and modified it as I want to. Recently.. I found my self comfortable in wearing Jenny's style trousers, as I have it from my mom's collection. And last but not least, I also love to wear high heels when I'm going out. It's a must have item for girls. ;)

5. Any favorite brand and place to shop?
I don't have any particular fav brand to shop. I'd love to wear any cute stuff from any brand or shop as long as it looks good on me.

6. Tell us the hardest part of wearing hijab?
The hardest part of wearing hijab is when people look at you innocently, never do mistake, soft hearted, and very religious. Actually I don't expect people to see me that way.

We all are human and human do mistake. It doesn't mean when a woman decided to wear hijab, and she'll never make any mistake after all.

7. What is your most beneficial experience/moment/anything regarding hijab?
I got the safety feeling at the first time I stepped outside with hijab. People stares at me differently. Now I know that I announced to public that I'm a moslem women with scarf on my head. Friends of mine got shocked at the first time they saw me with hijab, they never thought that I will. Wearing hijab also challenging me to dress up as good as I can. It's quite challenge my sense of fashion to stay stylish and fashionable in wearing it.
Photographer : Mrs. Fifi Alvianto & Mrs. Hanna Faridl

Interview with Mrs. Lulu Luthfiyah

Mrs. Lulu Luthfiyah

1. Tell us about yourself.
My name is Lulu Luthfiyah, working as a civil servant at The Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affair and modeling as my part time job.

2. When did you start wearing hijab?
I started wearing hijab since 2003 after hajj. At that time my dad worked in Jeddah as a home staff for hajj affair.

3. Tell us about your process of wearing hijab.
Basically I grew up in a religious family. I went to many Islamic school centers since I was a kid. I spent my childhood and teenager in Islamic school that obligates every student to wear hijab. At that time, I wore hijab only when I went to school. Then I started to wonder how did it feel to go to a regular school that does not obligate the student wearing any hijab. So then I decided to went to a regular University to experience the different atmosphere. It took me only two years to spend my activity without hijab until I started to feel uncomfortable without my hijab. I continue wearing hijab in 2003. I believe hijab is an obligatory for every muslimah.

4. What intrigue you to wear hijab in a middle of your bright carrier in modeling?
After a year modeling I decided to wear hijab because I didn't feel comfortable presenting some shows with some open dresses. In addition with the situation behind stages, inside changing room, and many other reason did not make me comfortable. I believe wearing hijab is my syi'ar to perform beauty and modesty. Every muslimah can be beautiful, stylish and modest while covered. I often feel tempted by job offers to do regular fashion shows presenting revealing clothes. However I have to stay true to my faith and my belief that fortune doesn't go anywhere.

5. So how does it feel to be a hijabi model?
I feel so blessed with my hijab. I get many opportunities and experiences. I also proud to be the only hijabi model who present kebaya or any other dresses among others. I also get more respect. I get my own changing room and my privacy during fashion show even though there were a tight schedule going on. So I guess its cool :) The other advantages I get with wearing hijab is as a reminder for my misbehave.

6 Tell us about your style.
I dress casually depend on my mood. I can be boyish or feminine with maxi dress during my daily activities. A type of maxi dress that I avoid is the staight cut, because it makes my figure go flat like a bamboo (giggle). Most of the time I like wearing lightweight fabrics so I can experiment with my clothes and do layering. Adding this and that like vest, jacket or cardigan. Jeans is my favorite for pants. Any soft lightweight scarves are my cup of tea.

7. Place to shop?
My favorite places to shop are:
Zara, Mango, Magnolia, Batik Keris, MyRins, Up2Date, XSML, Gucci, LV and my fav designers are Korina.S, Irna Mutiara, DianPelangi, Biyan. I also find many interesting stuff at ITC Mangga Dua 4th dan 5th floor. You will get great clothes with great prices.
Photographer : Mrs. Fifi Alvianto & Mrs. Hanna Faridl