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Isn't she adorable? Up To You Kids is part of the Trimoda label.
This is a fashion line aimed at kids especially girls. As we all know Trimoda is a company for famous muslim fashion lines in Indonesia such as Irna La Perle and Up2Date. By the way we love the tartan and the bow scarf, also the flower pants. Drooling over their collection, wish they made in our size. Well we can't hardly wait for their new collection, check out all of the photos on UpToYouKids Facebook.

The Grey Parade

Ferris wheel, merry go around, playground and theme park remind us of childhood.
Inside every adult, there is a child ready to play
Hanna and her denim overall
Fifi with her Red Riding HoodOverall denim, hoodie vest, knee length skirt, legging, flat shoes, and the red scarf are some outfits represent our childhood memories. However, we both love to express our childhood memories by wearing grey’s outfit mix with bright color like yellow, red, blue even black. The funny thing is in the end we both still busy with our gadget.
Mrs. Hanna Faridl and Mrs. Fifi Alvianto

Photographer Mr. Obeng
Digital Imaging
Mrs. Fifi Alvianto

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Interview with Ms. Inna Rovita

Ms. Inna Rovita

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am a fashion designer/stylist who is trying to get recognition as an Indonesian hijabi singer.

2. When did your start wearing hijab and what motivate you?
December 8th, 2009, I remember it was on Muharram. I get this question a lot and I only have one answer. It’s because I am scared. I’m scared if God questions my commitment as a muslimah. I also got this dream that sort of agitate me for a week. I couldn’t sleep and crying, craving to wear hijab. After discussing with a couple of muslim scholars, insyallah God has given me a hidayah or guidance to wear one. Alhamdulillah.

3. You are a singer and you own a line as well. Which one are you more comfortable with? How do you relate between the two?
Fashion business + music industry = art

Both are art committed by heart. Both are gifts given by Allah to me and I have responsibility to His gift as best as I can. Both fashion and music industries affect both sides. I need to give my best appearance when I sing and singing supports my fashion business.

4. Does your line reflect your daily style?

I am very flexible with my style. You can tell it from various style I sell and I wear. In terms of business, I have to know what my market like. However, I am picky how I choose my daily outfit.

5. Tell us about your single "Terimalah Taubatku" Who wrote the song?

I am lucky to have a great producer as well as composer/ songwriter ConQ Perwira who also my very best friend. He is a producer/composer/songwriter for some Indonesian singer such as Bunga Citra Lestari, The Sister, Andhika Prataa, Denada and many more. This song was actually made to be sang by Sahrul Gunawan, another Indonesian singer. But I guess God has His own path to let me sing the song. Alhamdulillah.

6. Does it resemblence an experience in your life when you wrote this song?

My producer told me that the song wasn’t made for me, however I call this faith that this song ended up singing by me. The song “Terimalah Taubatku” (my repentance) somehow reflect my stories.

7. What is the hardest part of wearing hijab especially as a singer?

I need extra self-confidence to be a hijabi singer especially when I decide to sing a regular song and not a religious song. I need recognition from audience among many talented Indonesian musicians. I am working in music industry with all my heart (likewise working in fashion business). I just need to be myself and everything will be going smooth and well in the process. I believe every honest intention and good will deserve great fight.

8. Your must have items are?

My jersey cotton shawl that I wear for hijab and shoes either flat and heels.

9. There is an opinion that in islam female voice consider awrah and it should not be heard. What do you think about this?
In my opinion, every action depends on the intention. For the sake of Allah almight, if God wills, my action will also spread goodness through music. Also, I would like to show that hijab is not limiting us to be creative. This is also a reason why not all of my songs is under the religious genre. Although I have songs that are pop/jazz/trendy pop, they talk about giving motivation, friendships, nature greatness etc, things that I hope will be able to inspire and have positive effect. In these songs, I focus more on the message and singing it from the heart, instead of focusing in the singing technique. I hope when I am able to perform it well, these songs will accepted by the public and inspire them, especially my muslim friends

10. What is Inna Rovita in 5 words?
Believe with your “heart” and admire things that has “value”.
The rest I will let all of you decide ;)

*Photo courtesy of Ms. Inna Rovita.

We all agree that she has impressed us with her look. Before we jump into how she pulled off her look, let us first turn into the way she put on her hijab. You can learn the way she wrapped her scarf from the previous post. In this post she added a brocade accessories on top of her hijab in order to get a formal look.

Inna Rovi has successfully proved that wearing hijab does not limit your choice of style. Layering clothes is the answer. We can learn the way she mixed and matched styles. Look at her orange shirt casually tied in the front mix with the flower long skirt. The second picture, we learn to look feminine with her blowy flare neck and a bold detail on one of her shoulder.

Also her last picture where she suited her up with vest blue jeans and her collar up.
If you are still unsure that jumpsuit is your cup of tea, take a look at her first and fourth styles. It illustrates not only the diversity of jumpsuit; she mixes with grey cardigans and simple white shirt, but also the casual and semi formal look.

Aren't we all drooling her style? Get to know her better on the next post.

Photographer and Digital Imaging : Mrs. Fifi Alvianto
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Wardah Face Treatment

Before I made this review, I've been using Wardah products for 3 months, and it turns out to be great!! I changed all my face treatment to Wardah, because it's suitable for my oily skin and yes this is definitely nice products. I will not advertise, but if you're wondering about how good it is, just give it a try, oww also Wardah have the halal certificate, I found them to be calming, but only available in Indonesia and Malaysia
(Mrs. Fifi Alvianto).

This is a story between me and Wardah facial treatment. Couple weeks ago I had this never ending wedding ceremony in Kalimantan. A friend gave me a package consists of cleanser, toner, facial wash, peeling cream and sunscreen gel from Wardah Cosmetic. I thought heeey I should try these products since the products are halal and pretty much well known among muslimah. I am personally getting more familiar with this label since the logo is on credit title of some drama movies and TV shows
(Mrs. Hanna Faridl).

This is how the story goesI had my make up cleaned with cleanser first. After a few wipes from a typical wedding thick make up, all the make up on my face came off. I was impressed. I have a normal to dry skin and this product gave me a perfect amount of moisturizer.
Next is the peeling cream. Have you ever experienced your skin got burned after using a peeling cream? This one wont. I didnt get any of those warm itchy blushing annoying on my face. The texture are soft and not harsh. Have you ever got your skin dry out after exfoliating your face? Again, this product wont. It left my skin smooth and soft. I was satisfied.
After that, I washed my face with facial wash. I was even more impressed with this one. I don’t like facial wash that produce lots of foam. This one gave me the right amount of foam and fragrance. It is smooth to the face and giving brightness to my face after use. Its a creamy and not too thick with mild scent. I could easily massage my face with its soft gentle nice texture. I was impressed with this facial wash. It cleaned all makeup and greasiness thoroughly. Nothing was left behind.
The last ritual of the night was cleanser and toner. I have to admit the facial wash took my breath away that this product turned out to be just ok. I am not saying its not a good product, it left my face feeling fresh. The most important thing is that this cleanser and toner did not dry your skin out.
The next morning, I applied sunscreen gel with spf 30 to protect my skin from the damage cost sunlight. Its not greasy, very light to my skin. It absorbs quickly. Since the first time I tried it, this sunscreen becomes my daily cream before I put my make up on.

Tutorial : Inna's Hijab Style

Are you in a hurry? This is an express way to wear hijab, not only stylish but also easy and quick.

1. Place your rectangle scarf / light material pashmina half way over your head. Make sure the length is same between two sides.

2. Grab one side of the scarf, pull it over your head.

3. Tucking in on the back of your head and secure it inside the scarf.

4. Grab the other side of the scarf and round them around your neck. To make it secure, pin the scarf close to your neck and ear.

5. In less than 40 seconds, the hijab is done and you are ready to go!

PS : If you want to see more of Inna's style and hijab. Stay tune here :)

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Tutorial : Nurul's Hijab Style

Step 1
Wear your favorite bandana. Fold the scarf in half, corner to corner.
Step 2
Place scarf over your head with both sides at an equal length.
The ends of the scarf should be hanging off the sides of your head.
Step 3
Wrap the tail of the scarf around your head. Lay the folded scarf in front of your neck.
Step 4
Tie two side corners together into a bowline knot, tighten and fan out the pleats.

Voila.. it's the Bowline Drape Scarf Style.
Photographer : Mrs. Fifi Alvianto

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