Let The Jump Suit Your Way‏

Not everyone have the guts to wear jumpsuit. Jumpsuit can be a dreadfull. Jumpsuit can be hard to wear no matter your figure type is. When you have a curvy figure, jumpsuit can be a tacky. In other hand, when you have a lean figure it makes you lose on it. The worst thing on jumpsuit is the whole undressed moment in the bathroom. Its time consuming.

On the contrary, jumpsuit is practically fast to wear. It's convinient and easy to wear. We will convince you that jumpsuit is hijab-appropriate.

These might help you to make jumpsuit appropriate for a hijabi sister :
1. Baggy jumpsuit only suit for a person with size 0 (zero).
2. Wide leg jumpsuit for a curvy bodies.
3. Accessorizing. Belted in firmly at your waist and add some neckles.
4. Cardigans/blazzer to mix a sleeveless jumpsuit.
5. Add some basic jacket/denim for a floral jumpsuit or a pattern jumpsuit.
6. Heels will make it perfect.

Do you think jumpsuit adorable or a horrible?

Blogger Interview

We got featured on Zinah Nur Sharif's blog from London.
So this is what it's like being questioned by a blogger, never thought answering questions
could be so much fun yet intriguing. Thank you for asking, we feel honored :)
PS : All photos edited by Zinah herself.

Here is the link | Zinah's Blog

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Our Eid ul-Fitr Day

Mrs. Fifi Alvianto at Grandma's house, Bandung

Mrs. Hanna Faridl at parent-in-law's house, Jakarta

Media Exposure : Tabloid Nova

Hurry, go grab Nova at the closest newsstand. 13-19th September 2010 edition.
Also read articles about our friends-hijabi fashion blogger, Hana Tajima and Fiminin.

Written by Ms. Franka Soeria Natanegara
Photographer and photo credit : Mr. Andrianus Adrianto (Nova)

HijabScarf had an interview about hijab in Indonesia, at Islamic Fashion Festival.

We remember that it was our first Islamic fashion Festival, attending not as individual but as
a “hijabscarf”-er . We are both ready with our name card, walking among the crowd trying to find muslimah to be captured for our blog. It was our second month having this blog. No one really cares who we are and what hijabscarf is (well not that we are now famous tho..). But yeah, that's pretty much what we do when we attend a gathering; try to mingle with the crowd and have some sisters to be in our blog.

As we walked around, the opportunity knocked. A journalist came from Holland introduced herself and said that she was interested in interviewing us. Without having any long pause
we accepted the offer and we had a short interview regarding the rise of
muslim fashion in Indonesia. Lucky us.

Article for Dutch Newspaper, "Een Goede Moslima in TrendyKelding".
Written by Esther De Jong.
Radio Story for Asia Calling, "Indonesia hopes to become the Mecca of
modern Islamic fashion".
Written by Rebecca Henschke.

Listen here (program on August 28th , 2010) | link

Happy Eid Mubarak 1431 H

Mrs. Hanna Faridl & Mrs. Fifi Alvianto

After having a long travel during Eid holiday, its time to have a gathering or also known as halal bi halal with your professional relatives. If the gathering goes formal than this outfit can be one of the inspirations. If you get bored with the straight cut abaya, you may try this diagonal pleated dress. Fifi has the blouse pleated while Hanna has her skirt pleated.
On top of that, this cut will make you look slimmer.
Don't forget to have your skirt long enough to hide your heels.

Special thanks to :
Our photographer Mr. Obeng and Mr. Patrick.
Our accessories by Missmarina Accessories.
Digital Imaging Mrs. Fifi Alvianto.

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Turn Pivot and Pose

Mrs. Hanna Faridl & Mrs. Fifi Alvianto

What are your criteria for choosing a dress? The fabric, color, cut or pattern?
Hanna fell in love with the fabric. It’s a Prada lace kind-of look. So aside the rest of the criteria and let the fabric gives his charm. Fifi send her charm through the cutting of her dress. Its a batwing cutting; loose, relax and easy. The gold color with the spark of red color has been successfully giving the attention. How about you? What is your criteria?

Special thanks to :
Our photographer
Mr. Obeng and Mr. Patrick.
Our accessories by
Missmarina Accessories.
Digital Imaging
Mrs. Fifi Alvianto.

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