Indonesia Islamic Fashion Fair 2010

Photographer Mrs. Fifi Alvianto

As the dress swung over, and the music started playing, the lights and the stage were ready to present beautiful dresses. More than 10 designers made us stood quietly to the dresses. From bright colors into soft colors with a hint of shine comes from the accessories are well presented. Patterns, seams, beadings, ruffling, Swarovski’s adorning the dresses.

As show started, we started hearing the whisper to one another other enthusiastically about the styles and colors that comfortable to wear during Ied Mubarak. The show was held at Lamoda Café - Plaza Indonesia right before our broke fasting event last Monday. Attending Islamic Fashion Festival always surprises us with how inspiring the designs are but still uphold the modesty. We believe Indonesia is (or will be) the mecca of Muslim Fashion.

Mrs. Hanna Faridl

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Our Favourite TV Commercial

The first time I watched this, I was mesmerized by the story and cinematography. A few minutes after I watched it on TV, I sent my friend-Rifky a message, asked him if I could share it to my readers and post it for HijabScarf.

In the mean time, our friend Mr. Rifky Salim is working at Roundtable Indonesia, an advertising agency that is handling Muamalat as his client. Finally, after a short conversation, he uploaded the video to Youtube. Now take a look at this, a beautiful story about friendship with different ethnics. Thank you Mr. Rifky :)

Mrs. Fifi Alvianto

Client : Muamalat Bank - Indonesia (Corporate)
Director : Ben Wee
Production House : Squarebox
Creative Director : Rashid Sidek
Art Director : Danny
Copywriter : Agasyah Karim

*She looks beautiful in hijab. Proud to be one of them.

Let's Go To Work

Mrs. Hanna Faridl & Mrs. Fifi Alvianto

Special thanks to :
Our photographer Mr. Obeng and Mr. Patrick.
Our accessories by Missmarina Accessories.
Digital Imaging Mrs. Fifi Alvianto.

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Join Us on Monday

Hi sisters! Come and join break fasting dinner with us
at Urban Kitchen - Plaza Indonesia 5th floor,
on Monday August 23rd, 2010.

Let's meet up at Lamoda Café, Plaza Indonesia Ground Floor at 4 pm to see Irna La Perle's fashion show. Dress up and you might be the lucky one! winning one of four dresses from Dian Pelangi and Ria Miranda. HijabScarf also prepares goodybag only for you :)

Please RSVP by sending your comments/email/twitter for seating arrangement purpose
and bring all of your friends, lets meet up.

PS : Bring along some cash (for food & drinks), your smile and stories :)

A Gift From Make Over

We're so happy that HijabScarf brings us more friends, more gift away and
more promising project, yippie. Last night both of us got this make up set.
Hopefully, many more to come. May Allah always bless HijabScarf.

*Stay tuned because we had a big opportunity presented to us :)

Runway Invasion : Nautical

D&G and Chanel

Nautical Stripes (Part III)

Mrs. Hanna Faridl & Mrs. Fifi Alvianto
"Gili Trawangan - Lombok Island (Indonesia)".

Special thanks to :
Our photographer Ms. Rani Tachril (FAR Magazine).
Our accessories by Missmarina Accessories.
Digital Imaging Mrs. Fifi Alvianto.

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