Style Spotted : Ms. Dian Pelangi & Ms. Ria Miranda Part II

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Photographer : Mrs. Fifi Alvianto & Mrs. Hanna Faridl
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Photographer : Mrs. Fifi Alvianto & Mrs. Hanna Faridl
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Heaven Sent by Itang Yunasz

Indonesian moslem designers :
Jeny Tjahyawati, Merry Pramono and Hannie Hananto
All photos taken by Mrs. Fifi Alvianto,
except Mr. Itang and kids, photo courtesy of Mr. Andreas Ariesta

It’s been almost 15 years from his last fashion show. Itang Yunasz has been busy with his second line product. It is undoubted that his designs have been well known internationally, such as in Uni Arab Emirate, Malaysia and Singapore.

He believes to perform perfection on hijab according to Islam, every women deserves to walk on every step of modesty. This explains his diversity and contrasting design. From turban with an open neck until the fully lose head cover are being presented.

He also believes Muslim clothes may vary. It doesn’t have to be simple conservative flat long dress. Trends can be adapted for every Muslim woman. Trends and Traditions can be collided and bring a new dynamics for Fashion Muslim.

You can easily be fascinated by his edgy collection. From a delightful romantic bohemian with embroidery framing the dress to a modern drapery combine with skinny pants, you name it. This collection shows major diversity in garment and detail. We can see layers from lightweight material such as chiffon, satin chiffon and lace. To have the best volume dress, mix duchesse and satin are great choice. Moreover, Itang also add Swarovski crystal and beads in order to have an elegant and glamour feminine look. He also gives us tribal pattern mix with animal prints, something that we rarely find in Muslim dress.

The clothes clearly spelled out Itang Yunasz look, with an oversize tunic worn with skinny pants and an amazing turban. What do you think? Aren’t all just breathtaking?

Well, our opinion.. We can hardly scream.
We love this collection and we are so proud to be Indonesian. Don’t you?
Written by Mrs. Hanna Faridl (according to the press release).

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Runway Invasion : Itang Yunasz

This afternoon HijabScarf got an invitation to the Itang Yunasz fashion show, "Heaven Sent". All of Itang's collection are truly beautiful, he designs a very stylish moslem wear and also gives a maximum look to the person who wear it. These photos are Itang's last collection.
So don't go anywhere if you want to be the first to see his new collection.

Such an extraordinary dress.
Photo courtesy of Itang Yunasz

Modest To Impress

Transcending by Monika Jufry

These dresses are made by order with handmade ornaments. Each is crafted from the finest fabrics such as taffeta lace, tulle, georgette, satin, and silk which is creating a soft romantic look but also lavish. As you can see the simple drapery details (as my personal favourites so far), looks nice because you can make a lace fabric into a gorgeous bridesmaid uniform just like this.

Here is a short interview with Mrs. Monika Jufry, special for HijabScarf.
1. When and how do you start fashiom muslim industry?
I joined fashion industry in 1998. However, I am familiar with this industry ever since I was a kid. My mom used to run a business in it. It started when Indonesia had a crisis. I had just finished my college and finding a job back then was quite hard. Then, I went to Susan Buhardjo to have a fashion course. I started as her assistant at first, and then later joined APPMI (Asosiasi Perancang dan Pengusaha Mode Indonesia); a Fashion Designer Entrepreneur Asosiation in Indonesia. Then, I have my own line and help Sessa line.
*Sessa line is another line run by Monika Jufry

2. What do you think about hijabi women in Indonesia?
Alhamdulillah, I am happy seeing many Indonesian women with hijab. Hijabi woman in Indonesia are getting more comfortable, confidence and stylish in many kind of professions. However, the most important thing is I hope many Indonesian women with hijabi are having a stronger faith in Allah and willing to remain their self better.

3. Some people say fashion cannot run in line with the principal of modesty. Being fashionable is all about high expenses, meanwhile Islam teach us to be modest and humble. What do you think about this?
In my humble opinion, the most important thing is never enforce yourself beyond your ability. Fashion and modesty should run in line, You dont need to spend a fortune to look fashionable. Here is where creativity is needed.

4. What do you think about Muslim fashion design in Indonesia compare to other countries?
Moslem fashion in Indonesia is very various in terms of style, cutting, garment, and details. Since Indonesia is a rich cultural country, we will have abundance of things to explore. Besides, Indonesian women have a strong demand to be stylish therefore it develop the Moslem fashion Industry.

5. Tell me about your last fashion show. I heard Trancending is inspired from Avatar the animation. How do you get the inspiration actually?
Transcending is the theme for Sessa’s and Monika Jufry’s line. It means a journey to be mature and established both brand in order to become a well-known and accepted brand, especially for muslim fashion industry. Sessa is a ready to wear line while Monika Jufry is a private order inspired by Avatar the animation. When you see drapery from clothes in Avatar, I found that the play between the power and the romanticism from the Kung-fu style very interesting. I think we can find inspiration anywhere, such as from movie, magazine, browsing etc.

6. Any word for sister who plan to wear hijab?
Remind yourself that wearing hijab comes by the grace of Allah SWT, hence InsyaAllah we will become stronger, facing any doubt.

Digital Imaging : Mrs. Fifi Alvianto
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