Turquoise Uniform

(left to right; Mrs. Fifi, Mrs. Hanna and Mrs. Dini)
At Riri and Daman's Wedding

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Interview with Mrs. Kavita Anggraeni

1. Tell us about your experience wearing hijab and who motivates you?
I wore Hijab since April, 2005. I always wanted to wear one ever since I was in High School because as far as I know, that is an obligation for Moslem women. But I was still waiting for the right ‘time’, until my heart really says ‘this is it!’.

Honestly I also thought that back then, I couldn’t think of a ‘fashionable’ way of wearing hijab. So thank god for all the Moslem designers who are still ‘fighting’ up till now, to create a ‘fashionable’ Hijab . They inspired me a lot!

I can’t really think of anyone who motivated me because it comes from within. But for sure, my family and boyfriend (whose now my husband) supported me a lot back then , so I was mentally ready.

2. What things that have changed your life after wearing hijab?
Not much. I am still the same person, but one thing for sure is I feel much more peaceful, secure and confident because I knew I am doing something that my heart told me to. Before I was wearing hijab, I thought that I should be ‘perfect’ inside first before I use Hijab, but you know what, wearing it doesn’t mean we’re that ‘perfect’ or religious or simply a good person with no flaws. We still make mistakes and that is normal because we are human. Hijab is one way to be closer to God , but we also need to upgrade the inner side consistently also.

3. Is there any habit you stop doing ever since wearing hijab?
Hmm, cant think of any.

4. Tell us the moment you start designing Kavi?
It was back in 2008, when I was pregnant for my first child. Maybe because it was the first experience having a child, so I wanted to be close to my son as much as possible. I wanted to take care of him myself. So I was searching for something I could do while I was breastfeeding and took care of my son at home.

I went to some cities around West Java and found ‘treasure’. Colorful Batik with contemporary motives. I was very excited since I am a fan of Batik but not the usual brown-old looking motives. I started designing a few blouses, set up an online shop, and the response was quite good. I’ve been doing it for almost 2 years now, loving it to the bone. Still lots of hopes and dreams to be achieved, so wish me luck!

5. Which one do you enjoy most; A working mom or a fulltime housewife? Tell us the advantages and the disadvantages from both sides.
The idea of a working mom who goes to the office everyday, 9 to 5 and loosing a lot of prescious moments with the children kills me. Having a child is a gift , and also an amana. At the end of the day, I want my children to remember me as a good mother who are there, emotionally and physically. But thinking of being a fulltime housewife with no social life also kills me. I would probably became paralyzed without something to do ,but just taking care of the household chores and family matters, because its just not who I am.

So I cant choose between the two. But if I have to, it’s definitely a working mom for me. But with one condition, I want to work and by that I mean to make a maximum use of our potentials, while I also being close to my husband and children. The right term for me then is probably a ‘work at home’ Mom. I love the idea of having my own SOHO (Small office, home office) so that I can work and do what I love doing while also being close to my family when they need me. Hopefully I can contribute something to the family in particular and also in the end, to the society at large.

6. Is your hijab style relating to KAVI style? What are the differences between both sides?
Not really. Actually, KAVI is not a special batik brand for Hijabers, but there are some designs like Maxi Dresses or Coats, or blouses that can be used for Hijabers, with a little ‘touch’ off course. My daily hijab style is just like what most of other Indonesian women used. I like no motives on my Hijab, just like it plain with different colors.

Mostly I use ‘ciput/underscarf’, because I have a round face, and I need to keep my hijab neat and tidy when I'm taking my 21 months son anywhere or probably going for a formal event. For a more casual event I sometime just wear my Tarha, Pashmina or even just my cotton-ink scarf to wear as a Hijab.

7. How do you get the inspiration of each style in Kavi? Tell us the steps.
As I have said before, I am not yet a designer, so I mostly get inspirations from clothes that I would like to wear myself. It’s a combination between the trend, conformity and color combo. There are no particular steps actually, sometimes I found an inspiration from browsing the designers collection, sometimes I get it when I imagine a really striking color combination then search for the right color textile with the design I had in mind, ask my tailor to interpret it and voila!

8. Any favorite brand inspired your style and Kavi Indonesia?
Edward Hutabarat, Mango, Anthropologie, Benetton, Top Shop, Gaudi. Anything casual , simple and you can use for your everyday life.

9. Any particular clothes/style/material or anything you avoid to wear?
I hate that flowery effect on the hijab that people mostly wear to the wedding parties. I think its unnatural and overwhelming. I used it before so I know how it looks on me. Its terrible! No flower on my hijab please..

10. When you start complaining about the hijab, what motivate you back?
I would contemplate and ask my heart, is this the right thing to do? Is this for real or am I just having a bad day or PMS? I would also ask myself about the commitment I made back then. For me, wearing hijab is a commitment. Hope we are among one of those people who always stay true to their commitment, amien.

11. When you stay in a non muslim country, do you have any experience to share?
I once stayed in The Netherlands on a 3 months short course. I met people from different countries and it was really fun to answer all their curious questions about hijab that I wore. Some girls from Nigeria and Nepal was really curious to see me without my hijab. It was funny. The atmosphere was quite okay for a Moslem back in the Netherlands, so I didn’t have any bad experience concerning hijab, Alhamdulillah.

12. Any words for a muslim working mom?
Okay, this going to sound a bit nationalistic but I have to let it out. In my humble opinion, in this era filled with excessive flow of information with very easy access, I think it is the right time for all moms to stay close to their children as much as possible. I think it is no longer the time for Mommies to spend most times outside the house and giving the responsibilities of educating their children to someone else (unless you have a very good support system).

It’s a different world compared to the world that our mothers one’s faced. The challenge these days is to be able to balance between our personal needs to contribute to the society while also being emotionally there for our children. It is a cruel world out there for our children, so lets give it our best. The future of Indonesia lies in our hands Mommies. There I let it out. Haha.

Headache and Hijab

In the early days of wearing hijab usually accompanied by dizziness and headaches. Some people didn't used to wear it (wrapping head might make you uncomfortable at first) and some are caused by wearing an underscarf/headbands/ponytail/bun too tight. To prevent by loosen it all is not enough, these are things we've found from Google that you can do if you get a headache.

Use aromatherapy. This is an ancient healing art that has been used to treat and cure stress headaches for ages. Try lavender which is known for a good relaxation.

Massage your temples, neck, face, and shoulders. Then take a lime, cut it in half, and rub it on your forehead. After that take a small towel and dip it into some warm water. Apply to forehead or back of the neck for a few minutes.

Honey foot bath
. Keep legs in a tub or bucket filled with hot water, pour ½ cup pure honey, soak for fifteen minutes.

Apples are valuable in curing all types of headaches
. It should be taken with a little salt every morning on an empty stomach.

Try to take your mind of the pain by reading
a magazine or book. Sometimes when your mind is engaged in something you don't notice pain as much.

Dim the lights and quiet the room
. Bright lights and loud noise can often make a headache worse.

Try 2 wet peppermint tea bags on the eyelids
. Hold peppermint oil on a tissue to your nose and breathe in the scent.

Drink ginger tea 2 or 3 times a day
. It has been used since about 2000 BC to cure headache.

We hope these tips will help you :)

Wide Leg Pants

Mrs. Hanna Faridl & Mrs. Fifi Alvianto

If you're short and a few pounds on the heavy side, you may think this pants trend is not for you.
The good news is you can wear wide leg pants and look fabulous in them. Why? The current women's wide leg pants are higher in the waist which adds height and gives an overall slimming effect. A pair of wide leg pants with a high waist in a dark color is flattering on almost anyone.

If you lack height, choose a more discrete flair in the leg rather than big, billowy legs that only look good on supermodel types. Carrying a little too much weight in the hips? The flair at the bottom of wide leg pants can help to balance out your shape. They're also a good way to hide less than perfect legs and calves.

One way to determine what style of wide leg pants will look best on you is to visit your favourite store or clothing boutiques and try on wide leg pants with various degrees of flair. After trying on several styles, you should get a rough idea of the leg width that's most flattering on you.

Source www.ehow.com

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Batwing Sleeves Cardigans

pictures taken from smvblog.com, lookbook.nu and walmart.comCardigans have always been a big help when you are wearing hijab, especially for a new hijaber. This item is useful when we try to mix it with your old short sleeves or t-shirt. My choice goes into a Batwing Sleeves Cardigans. It gives you the slouchy relax and comfortable look at the same time. It’s a big help to use it during hot weather.

The cardigan fits really loosely on the arm. So comfy that you wouldn’t worry about the wet underarm attack. Try to have one of these. Have your tailor made for you.

Mrs. Hanna Faridl