Chasing The Dreams

Since wearing hijab my life changed completely. First I discovered my own interest in exploring my ability, then one thing for sure now I had become more creative. Why? because certainly it requires a lot of idea and creativity, I had to mix and match my clothes with my hijab/veil, and improve my own behavior in so many way. Not an easy thing but it is proving to be very challenging for me.

On the other hand I've started a new career in the fashion world, well of course I'm not becoming a fashion designer (although I would love to be like that) but as a hijab talent or some people say model (I am a real women who wear a real hijab, not a fake one like most media use). This has been a truly worthwhile and extraordinary experience, not only it has been increasing my experience, now I understand what it's like and what's going on in the muslim fashion here. That is the starting point when I decided to contribute the hijab trends in Indonesia or maybe anywhere else.

Seeing that only a few media has discussed the trends and styles specificly about hijab, then this becomes a great opportunity for me and Hanna to be seriously chasing our dreams and visions. HijabScarf has born, and enthusiastically going forward. Soon this blog is not just an article and photo, but an achievement that will be understood by the reader. Pros and cons will surely exist, but back again on our main line as the author of the blog, the main content is about creativity in finding hijab as a great appearance :)

Mrs. Fifi Alvianto

If Looks Could Kill

One of the hardest part of wearing hijab is when you don't know what to wear but you surely know what not to wear. In my personal opinion, there are some reason why I don't wear any particular materials. First it has to be light on my head and nothing under my scarf. I dont use anything that convert me into a “mommy looking lady”. From my experience, wearing hijab somehow add my age and some kilos as well. It’s a feeling that I have to get used to it.

Wearing hijab means my life wont be the same. I realize I was actually having a new life couple years later, which wasn't what I had originally hoped, both good and bad. After enthusiasm on the new look and enjoyment of having what seems like a good idea, I then have to face up to my inability of knowing what hijab actualy is. Be ready to accept changes.

In the end, I just have to be comfortable with anything I wear. Knowing myself and my face is halfway to know what kind of hijab perfectly shape my face.

Mrs. Hanna Faridl