Style Spotted : The Winners (Ms. Restu & Ms. Wulan)

Ms. Restu Anggraini

Ms. Wulandari Sofwan

Remember this? Yes they're the winner from our 6 months quiz.
So congratulations winners and enjoy our snapshots, we hope you'll like it.
And to all readers don't worry, there will be another quiz.
*Psstt, hello pretty preggies would you like to share your style?

(Click images for larger view)

Photographer : Mrs. Fifi Alvianto and Mrs. Hanna Faridl.

Not allowed to copy & paste photos.
Copyright of HijabScarf Blog.


tealovecoffee said...

waaa congratzz Wulan & Restuu :D
aih cantik2 semuaaa ^^
seneng deh liatnyaaa.. classy & colorful
*btw kayak adik kakak euy

Fitri Aulia said...

both of you look so different here.
congratulations for ka ulan and ka etu, and HS too :)

Rizahati Meidira said...

Congrats wulan etu, suka liatnya, NICE :D

olanatics said...


angela jessyana said...

great outfits and cute photos! :)
love your blog, i've followed you!

Anonymous said...

pk hijab yg kyk foto pertama itu gmn ya?
klo muka bulat cocok ngga?

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