Style Spotted : Ola's Wedding Dress

Special thanks to Ola and Fadly

Taken from Ola's Blog

The Wedding Reception
It’s time to share my wedding reception photos! ;-) I was wearing traditional outfit from Java, Indonesia, called Kebaya for the top. But for the skirt, I wore a traditional Songket from Sumatera. More story |

The Wedding Ceremony
I wanna share my wedding ceremony photos first, especially photos of my wedding Abaya & hijab style. Overall, I was wearing about 4 layers of hijab, hahaha, so many, isn’t it? The first or the basic hijab was made by Ardelya Scarf. It’s called Shining Shawl Basic White Silver. I love this hijab, because the fabric contains glitter in it. It makes my look more glamorous. More story |


Digital Imaging : Mrs. Fifi Alvianto

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Hijabilicous said...

Salaam sis!

Wow very beautiful pictures!

I also have a hijab blog. but then in Dutch for the many sisters who live here!

Keep up the good work!

dsy said...

woohoo.. congratz, Ola! You look gorgeous in your wedding day! beautiful dress and kebaya!

olanatics said...

woooow, I look like somebody else in those pictures.. hahaha..
prettyyyy prettyy
biyutifuuulllll... :)

thanks so much Hijab Scarf!

Restu Anggraini said...

Oolaaaa you look beautipulll and priiitiii......
I hope wearing white abaya on my future wedding

ranistia said...

Subhanallah ka Olaa cantik betuul :)

Cardi Wrap said...

Beautiful photos of the bride and groom. The scarf the bride was wearing would look just as good with a shawl as it did with the layers of jewelry and lily fastened to the left of her neckline.

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