Style Spotted : Ola's Wedding Dress

Special thanks to Ola and Fadly

Taken from Ola's Blog

The Wedding Reception
It’s time to share my wedding reception photos! ;-) I was wearing traditional outfit from Java, Indonesia, called Kebaya for the top. But for the skirt, I wore a traditional Songket from Sumatera. More story |

The Wedding Ceremony
I wanna share my wedding ceremony photos first, especially photos of my wedding Abaya & hijab style. Overall, I was wearing about 4 layers of hijab, hahaha, so many, isn’t it? The first or the basic hijab was made by Ardelya Scarf. It’s called Shining Shawl Basic White Silver. I love this hijab, because the fabric contains glitter in it. It makes my look more glamorous. More story |


Digital Imaging : Mrs. Fifi Alvianto

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