Daily Make Up Shades

We've already posted the evening look, now it's time for daily make up shades. The key to a good look is to keep every color shades as natural as your skin tone, ok so here goes.

Wardah Liquid Foundation
(photo. 1) gives the perfect matt tone for our skin. Perfect for daily use since it is light on the skin so it wont make your skin tired. Hanna has a dry skin so it will be better to apply sunscreen or moisturizer before applying foundation. We both wear light beige that suit best to our skin color.

Wardah Lightening Two Way Cake (photo. 2) perfect for our skin and prevent the naughty black spot. It also contain Licorice extract and UV protection, so we don't need to worry about our outdoor activities, but we do hope they made the sponge surface smoother.

Wardah Eye Liner Pencil (photo. 3) draws eyes with loads of black, drawing the corner out as far as you dare by only one line. Perfect to get a smoky effect. Use gently for day use and strong line for night use.

Wardah Eye Shadow (photo. 4 & 5) come out with three different colors so we can blend the colors properly. Neutral colors like champagnes, taupes and chocolate browns are best colors for daily use. Another option for more yellowish based browns and beige tones. The color stays on for hours and we didnt have trouble reapplying because only a little dash and the highlighting effect will take effect immediately on our lids. We apply darker brown shade to colour the outer lids and lighter color for inside lids in order to get bigger and strong eyes.

Hanna is using eyeshadow code A while Fifi is wearing eyeshadow code B. Which one suit you? Dont worry Wardah has 14 different color and it still come out with three color in a pack. Nice! Oh and also the eye shadow is quite long lasting.

In an attempt to make our wimpy lashes look thicker longer and more voluminous, Wardah Long Lash Curling Mascara (photo. 7) is our solutions. It can improve the appearance of eyes, brighter and more noticeable.

Blush on can be a beauty secret weapon for ever women. Therefor, Wardah Blush On (photo. 6) number C is our weapon for our daily make up. Natural looking color, we are not afraid of "Miss Jengkelin" looking a like. The brush so cute and small pretty handy to carry. However Fifi prefered to brush her checks with wider brush so she prefer to use her own brush.

In order to give greater shine for our lips our choice goes to Wardah Exclusive Lipstick (photo. 9) number 37 and 33. Try to mix both color using lip brush or mix it with brighter color for example Wardah number 48, this will help us distribute the color evenly and get more fresh color.

Last but not least, Wardah Wondershine (photo. 10) contain with Squalene, Jojoba oil, VItamin E, shining your lips and giving your luminous result also pampering our lips with moisture and antioxidant protection.

Well that's it, we hope you'll find this helpful, because for both of us, applying make-up is necessary for every woman, as it forms a protective screen for the skin, it also gives us personal benefits, a better look.

-Photographer : Mrs. Fifi Alvianto and Mrs. Hanna Faridl-

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