Congratulations Winners

We're surprised and thrilled receiving all of your gorgeous styles with a white plain shirt. Really appreciate your enthusiasm with this quiz. Everyone who has been participating in this quiz is amazing. Unfortunately we cannot win everyone here. Hope this sound fair to everyone, we can only pick 2 sisters to win our great six quiz.

They are :
Wulandari Sofwan - Influential Berry
Great photos and we like the way she mixed it with the colorful flowery harem pants, such a daring experiment for a simple white shirt.
Restu Anggraini - Helgo Bonanza
She posted lots of style and we're surprised when we saw her playing with the white shirt and turned it into a cape, so creative.

In the end, how they mix the white plain shirt into something different, edgy unusual yet it is still casual and wearable, really amazed us. So congratulations.

To the winners, email us and we will set up more surprises together.
Thank you to all sisters who has been participating the quiz.
Stay tune for more surprises.