HijabScarf's First Event

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*More photos from our friend Cindy will be updated soon.

We know that last breakfasting dinner wasn’t well organized by four of us. Everything was put together in a very short time. It was started when Dian Pelangi asked HijabScarf and Ria Miranda to join her at Irna La Perla show and then followed by breaking fast together. One thing lead to another, we then came up with the plan that we posted it on our blog and invite everyone. We thought it would be around 20 sisters that would come and join us. On contrary, more than 70 sisters came and join breaking fast with us.

We may not remember everybody's name yet, however that meeting inspired us to make other events in the future. We realize that many Indonesian hijabi sisters are excited talking about hijab and confident about their hijabi style. To be honest, we have never seen hijabi sisters as many as that night. We are truly amazed. Now, we know the answer when a sister asked us where did we get the inspiration on hijab. We got inspired by each beautiful independent sister who came that night.

We must say, after this event, everyone surely will look prettier because each sister received goodybag from Wardah. By now, everyone must be enjoying the gifts; washing the face gently with Wardah facial wash, leaving home confident with sunscreen gel, a shade of Wardah two way cake, and a nude look from Wardah lipstick. Last but not least, once in a while we can pamper our self by Wardah Body Scrub. Meeting great people is never perfect without getting a great stuff like this. Right?

The Guests :
Tia Adritia, Alfi Muna, Lika, Mariani, Alif Kartika, Andini Aska DP, Aqna, Dini A.W., Monika Jufry, Irna Mutiara, Dian Kamalia Nofitri, Ulfah Latifah, Ulida, Madhanaisyah Wulandari, Anita Nurul, Nuryanti, Lydya Novianty, Jayanti Nirmala, Rinni Asty, Nalia Rifika, Indriya R. Dani, Astrid Washington, Dessy Roshinta, Liza Ayu Febriany, Ola Aswandi, Nabilla Ayumi, Sara Ananda, Wulandari, Dewi Febby Pramita, Sendy Monarchi, Sari Putri Utami, Tri Rizki Amalia, Dwi Martha Jingga, Ratna Juwita, Rimma Bawazier, Cindy Ning Citta, Tata Lukmanika, Nurul Chariza, Lulu Luthfiyah, Nauli Intan, Cut Radhiah Swadia, Andini Aska Dwiani Puri, Putri Wulan, Dhienda C. Shahannaz, Nilla Tresna, Ika Astia, Deby Nugraha, Kara Rahmamitya, Fatimah Rommy, Juli Afriyessi Wahyu, Eka Malasari, Susan Devi, Ollie, and Astrid Arum.

Thank you for coming :)

Here's the goody bag from us & Wardah for all the sisters who came to our event.
Enjoy these marvellous products, and don't miss our next event.