Style Spotted : Anneke's Wedding Dress

It was held on May 16, 2009 in Bandung. A beautiful celebration garden party with Anneke’s and Essa’s best friends and families. The dress is a tailor made customize by the bride’s request. It’s a lovely dress made from French brocade with under dress made from Japan weight light satin silk. Everything goes in a perfect tone with delicate gray silk headscarf and embroidery French brocade as a great addition

Special thanks to Anneke & Essa

Digital Imaging : Mrs. Fifi Alvianto

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Dinniw said...

wow, gorgeous silver. a friend of mine is looking for silver wedding gown style, I'll recommend this, thanks fi.btw the wedding date is same with mine and was held in bandung too :D let me guess, is this nu Art gallery or Maximo Resto ?

Hanna said...

Correct :)
Yess it was held in Maximo Resto.
A really nice place for garden party.

wulan27 said...

awesome..who's the designer??and where?

Anonymous said...

mba hanah, aq mau donk dikirimin foto baju yg di pakai model ke email qu :p
mau nyontoh, hehehehe..................

Anonymous said...

I'm fall in love this wedding dress it's so glamourous !! i give you my mail
thanks see you soon!

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