Pre Wedding

These are some of our pre wedding pictures. The theme is classic traditional with a vintage look. That is the reason why we made the pictures to look classic and old. Rule from my father is that we have to respect the Islamic rules, so no kissing or hugging on our pictures. We are both also wearing traditional dress like batik and kebaya. Pictures with Union Square and Brooklyn Bridge background are telling how we both met. Both places are also our most favorite places in New York.

Ms. Hanna Faridl

Feeling kinda small in a big world? That's the reason we call ourselves "little man". We start this journey as a little family and expect to grow bigger together. Hoping from nothing to something. These pictures were made to capture our first step as The Alviantos. That yellow dress is my favourite dress of all time, it was a present from him and I wear it only occasionally. The last photo look scary rite? I know, we made that just to scare rats in case if our house got attacked hahaha. Enjoy.

Ms. Fifi Alvianto

Sorry we can't post the full series, why? well it would be great but we still have to post the wedding pics, so stay tune :)