Interview with Mrs. Fifi Alvianto

1. When did you start wearing hijab?
I started wearing hijab in 2009 after I got married, about 9 months ago. It was one of the hardest decisions in my life and of course a big shock to everyone because it was kinda like "What! Fifi is wearing hijab now? Oh come on, seriously!?". Yeah people disbelieved what they saw but anyway most of them really like the new me. They said the bad side of me had gone forever because of the hijab image, lol.

2. Who motivate you?
First my father asked me to wear hijab before I got married, I refused because I'm not ready at all. Hijab is not only a change of style but a change of personalities. Well thank God, my husband encouraged me in my decision. He knew I wanted to wear it but I'm not ready at that time. Also my sister who started a few months early had made me believe, hijab will not make you feel unstylish.

3. Beside clothes, what other thing that has changed your life?
Definitely a change of perspective in the new look. Mostly people think Hijab = 'a good girl'. So there you go, what ever you do, you have to know how to impress people because you are what you represent. But the biggest change is, I get more closer to God.

4. What difficulties that you encounter after wearing hijab?
I'm not wearing a perfect hijab, you know the one covers your chest, I'm still learning. Sometimes my neck and my hair are not fully covered or I wear a fitted shirt but my mom said it's okay, people have their own time to learn what's best for themselves. Another difficulties is mix and match all of my clothes has always been more difficult than before wearing hijab.

5. Any habit that you stop doing ever since wearing hijab?
Lots of bad habit, but I can't tell ya' here :) Hijab definitely change me into a better person, and get rid of bad habbit, (*shoo, go away negative part of me).

6. What advantages do you feel after wearing hijab?
Wearing hijab given me so much confidence and now I have my stress-free daily morning routine, no more "straighten my hair with flat iron hair" which takes ages because my hair is curly and thick, and the best one is I feel safe wherever I go. People seems to be more polite and no more harassment.

7. What is your hijab style?
I called it Spanish style.

8. Where do you buy clothes and hijabs?
I enjoy having my office above the Senayan City Mall, almost everything I bought from Debenhams which is also my favourite store, I can find lots of brand here. For hijab scarf I bought it at Ambassador mall (lots of variant).

9. Favorite brand?
Zara for pants and jackets, Next for shoes (the 40 size is bigger than any other brand which is perfect for my feet). Magnolia for basic turtleneck tee.

10. Any particular clothes/style/material or anything that you avoid to wear?
Dislike synthetic fabric, I have hyperhidrosis (the medical term for excessive or uncontrollable sweating), I just don't get along well with this fabric. So pure cotton is the best.

11. Have you ever think to take the hijab off?
Yup, but after that I've always asked myself, why? Hijab is a good thing, period.

12. Any experience regarding hijab?
I remember how confused and scared I was the first day I put on hijab and went out into public. Once wearing hijab, you are suddenly announcing to everyone who sees you that “I am a Muslim”. I thought it will be difficult for me because in here women wearing hijab is still a minority but now I found hijab as one of the best thing that's happened in my life so far. Also muslim designers and magazines offered me lots of job since I wear hijab, and I'm thankful for that.

For me, "Dressing modestly is a better way to respect your image, body and attitude", and make your skin whiter than before :D

Mrs. Fifi Alvianto